About Us

Shanna and her team recognizes that every client has individual needs and will thus use the perfect fusion of creativity, modern and classic influences and passion to translate the client’s vision into the best‐suited customized solution to their needs. Therefore we have chosen to distinguish our services in the following categories: glamour photography by “Shanna Bebe Photography” and family photography by our sister company “Hey Day Photography”. Visit our website www.heydayphotography.com for more information about the services provided by our sister company.

Shanna Bebe Photography can help you plan, coordinate, scout and produce a successful shoot anywhere. Our production team can do it all: locate and secure exclusive locations, book hotels, meals and transportation, locate crew, model or cast, coordinate activities and assist in all other aspects of photography production. We are more than happy to provide any other services needed within our framework.

The Artist

Our Photography Services:
Fashion Photography
Glamour/Boudoir Photography
Beauty Photography/ Headshots
Model Portfolios
Corporate Photography
Event Photography
Wedding Photography